Thredbo Penthouse

Thredbo Penthouse

With a brief to create a cosy but elegant weekend retreat in the mountains for a family of five, clues were taken from the spectacular, changing landscape for the interior colour palette, finishes and textures.

This newly built penthouse apartment is architecturally precise with large windows framing views and an expanse of angled ceiling which we warmed through the extensive use of oak timber cladding. We juxtaposed the timber with a crisp off-white paint to accentuate the architectural lines and articulate the two different levels. We were always aware of the balance between the comfortable and the refined.

Key to softening the architectural envelop was the use of  irregular handmade tiles, generous curtains, rich velvet upholstery and an array of compatible textiles alongside the tour de force of the specially commissioned Tibetan rug.

“Our large asymmetric, hand-knotted shaggy rug was a particularly successful way of bringing comfort to the stone floor while also drawing in the colours from outside,” says Briony.

Intense detailing and careful planning is clearly shown in how the kitchen is designed with extensive joinery pieces, in a smoky oak veneer, for a well-organised pantry, laundry and storage so that the space not only communicates a sense of relaxation but functions seamlessly as well.

With a ground floor that  includes two bedrooms with an ensuite opening up to a large open-plan kitchen, living & dining area and a first floor TV room which leads on to a large master suite there are visual threads which link all the spaces while giving each an individual character.

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