Neutral Bay House

Neutral Bay House

‘This is a house where we had a great synergy with the clients. They had lots of great things to work with – art, objects and characterful furniture – and it was our job to pull it together – to rationalise the interior so that it lost none of its personality but gained cohesion’, says Briony.

The clients embraced colour – the hot pink Pyrolave kitchen bench top, a chartreuse covered button-back chair in the bedroom and eau de nil walls in the workroom. ‘The clients had lived in America,’ says Briony, ‘and they wanted a really relaxed household, beautiful but with a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere’.  There is a sense of play – a painted chalk-board wall in the kitchen, an over-scale canary yellow Anglepoise lamp in the living room and the bicycle parked in the hallway are reminders that this is a lived-in house, not a showroom.

Existing chairs were recovered in fabrics from Italy and Turkey, new curtains dressed the rooms throughout the house and bespoke elements such as the covered headboard in the master bedroom became significant textile touches.

‘This is a joyous house in which we did a lot of work to emphasis what was there. At the end of the project our goal was to have a light touch and make sure the aesthetic belonged to the clients’, says Briony.

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Heritage House

This house has retained all the gravitas and design pedigree of its original creator – Professor Leslie Wilkinson - who set up the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Sydney in the 1920s. This is one of a handful of the best houses from an architect who is quoted