Little Manly

Little Manly

This project involved the renovation of a ten-year-old waterfront house with a client of longstanding. ‘For me it was easy to identify the problems with the house and we touched every part of it with the result that it looked entirely different’, says Briony. She points to the washed-out existing palette which had no definition between floor and ceiling and the fact that windows were sited in the wrong parts of the house. ‘We cleaned it up internally for a more cohesive feel and added new carpet, a new colour scheme and fabric choices alongside really thoughtful details’, says Briony.

Clever solutions were a reworking of the sandstone fireplace to retain the characterful base but create a cupboard above it to disguise the TV and partially painting a timber lined study to break up the density of the wood and highlight the contrast. ‘Although we specified a lot of new furniture we also re-covered existing pieces and moved them to different parts of the house. I even persuaded the client to keep a coffee table we had designed for her previous house. It is important to know when something is worth saving’, she notes. 

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Art House

“When a client is as enthusiastic about colour as I am it means we can achieve some really great results”, says Briony of this house in Sydney’s Woollahra.